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Overall Review rating ***** 5/5


"reproduced with the utmost care..."

by Felix Schmid

John Inglis and Jill Sanders are to be commended for their fabulous ‘A Riverside View of Georgian London’, reproduced with the utmost care from the original commissioned by Samuel Leigh in 1829. For me, the most important ‘find’ was that of the representation of Mr Marc Brunel’s veneer saw-mill. The associated description is most enlightening, in particular, because it includes a mention of the boot factory constructed next door by Marc.



“Hours of enjoyment and delight”
by Maurice Miller
This work is a gem, revealing new delights at the turn of every page. Definitely an outstanding present for Christmas.
The jewel in the crown of this book is a panorama of the City and so
thbank which opens up to a 42 inch wide spectacular painting revealing the church spires of the city, now regrettably lost between modern developments, and the factories of the hugely industrial south bank, 200 years before the Royal Festival Hall and the London Eye were built in the same place. I highly recommend this outstanding book, it is giving hours of enjoyment and delight.


“Cannot put it down”
by William Wills
This is a spellbinding book, I cannot put it down. Whilst the beautiful pictures are a feast for the eye, the information is revealing about life along the river in Georgian London. The descriptions are cleverly produced as if they had been written when the work was first published in the 1820s. I just bought five more for Christmas presents. Any more to follow where this came from?

“Something very special”
by Richard Cox
Every now and then a book comes along and as soon as you see it you think "Wow! this is something very special". This book is one of those. What a brilliant idea, all the buildings along the Thames in the 1820s. Great way of doing history - slide along the Thames, take an interesting building and find out all about it! We just love it.

“Charming, informative and impressive ”
by Dermot Walsh
I'm going to do the London Thames path with this book open to the right pages and take a walk through history. Absolutely fascinating!


“Already a prized posession...”
by Reginald W.
I love the Thames. On many a weekend I have taken the tourist boat from Westminster; this riverside exudes history. This book looks at 30 miles of Thames-side in detail in one year, 1829 and explores almost every building. A fascinating period, when steam was rapidly replacing wind, man and horse power, when the Thames was still a productive fishing river, before the great Victorian "stink" which was to bring cholera with it. The great Penitentiary at Millbank is shown just where the Tate Gallery is now. We also see a very rare depiction of the old Houses of Parliament before the fire destroyed them in 1834. There is so much to discover and enjoy in this important book, which has already become a prized possession as I explore further up and down river as a traveller would have done in late Georgian times, I heartily commend it.


“Extremely evocative of a era in London history”
by George Irving
I was at a talk by the authors recently which I found most inspiring. This book is not only beautiful but extremely evocative of an era in London history which is largely forgotten now. Cant wait for the next books from their project which will compare these Georgian panoramas with the same places today. I whole heartedly recommend this superb book. Cant put it down!

"A fascinating publication"
by Gerard
I didnt know there was a record of ordinary every day riverside buildings surviving for nearly 200 years. The images are captivating and the descriptive text, written as if at the time, is quite astonishing. A extraordinary and absorbing work which will entrance.

"Dad loves the river"
by Amelia Browne
Gave this to dad and its been open ever since. He loves the river, he loves history and its just perfect for both. He can't leave it alone!


"Lovely Book"
by Aaron Benson
I had been reading this lovely book for a while before I discovered a secret, there is a hidden, jaw-dropping panorama on pages 16-18 which, if you are wearing socks will almost certainly knock them off. Wow! Its worth the cover price just for this treat alone.


"All round an excellent book!"
by Sandra Denley
I waited for this book with eager anticipation as I had heard rumours of its coming for some time. It does not disappoint. Not only is it an unusually beautiful work of art in itself, but also a very informative record of the London Thames riverside of the late Georgian period. A time when steamboats were becoming commonplace and coexisting with barges, wherries and traditional fishing boats. Yes fishing boats on the Thames, who would you believe it? We can also see the old Houses of Parliament at Westminster just before the great fire of 1834 from a viewpoint I have never seen before. All round an excellent book!


"Bravo! a tour de force indeed!"
by Mary Bart
My husband just bought me this book for Christmas, being rather impulsive I could not hang on so long to read it and it has not disappointed. What a exquisite record of the grand old Thamesis. I think I have learnt more about the Georgian Thames from this book than I ever knew before. Chock full of information and so beautifully put together. Bravo! a tour de force indeed!


"the most beautiful book I have bought this year"
by Bill
Oh my! This is by far the most beautiful book I have bought this year. Love it! And a treasury of information about the Georgian Thames. The only problem is, it's a Christmas present and I have to send it away. Going to buy another one for me as soon as possible unless some kind relative buys me one, HINT, HINT!


"A must have for all lovers of historic London topography."
by Brenda W
If you are an armchair time traveller who enjoys the visual arts rather than huge chunks of often turgid text, this book is a pure delight. A well produced, abridged facsimile of the real thing which cannot fail to please. Nothing of importance in the original is omitted and it is worth the outlay. It is unlikely that you will be disappointed.


"A must for anyone residing in London ...or anywhere else"
by Lyra Silver
What an absolutely fabulous book. I love London, especially the River Thames, and this book takes pride of place of my coffee table. Even those who don't have an interest in history have picked it up and found something that sparked with them. The author is fantastic, and has put a great deal of work and love in to this project, and it really shows through. Well done Mr Inglis!


"Must own book for all Londoners"
by Fraser King
If you live in/visit London and enjoy walking along the Thames then this is a must own piece of history.


"v good service and buy it"
by jh
brill item; a gem; v good service too


"Stunning Publication"
by Robert Green
I am so pleased I bought this book. It is a stunning publication and the perfect coffee table book for the person who has just about everything else. It gives a vivid impression of how the river Thames through London must have looked at the end of the Georgian period in 1829. Lavishly illustrated with splendid restorations of rare panoramas, it shows and describes every building between Richmond and Westminster at the time and adds a wealth of new historical detail which was apparently not included with the original work. The images sparkle with freshness as if just painted and transport the reader to a forgotten era when the Thames was both a fishing river and an industrial environment with a mixture of artisans cottages, factories and stately homes. Outstanding value and thoroughly recommended!


"Beautiful and Informative"
by Isleworth Reviewer
Congratulations to the authors on their magnificent book which is a great pleasure to read. It includes an immense amount of research, and is both beautiful and Informative – a rare combination.
Well done!


"Highly recommended"
by River Lover
Stunningly beautiful book! Thoroughly researched and beautifully presented. Highly recommended! Excellent Christmas present !

"This is the coolest thing I have seen in a while"
By M Vanek
I love map books and historical ones are really neat. We stayed near Richmond on the river where the panorama begins. It is so fun to trace where houses and buildings were 200 years ago. Wow!