The City of London Panoramas

This is a high resolution 2014 panorama of the City riverside viewed from City Hall in Southwark.

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The Panorama of the Thames project also includes digital restorations of several historic panoramas of the City of London. Including:


The Wyngaerde Panorama 1543

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Anton van den Wyngaerde was a prolific Flemish topographical artist who made panoramic sketches and paintings of towns in the Netherlands, France, England, Italy, and Spain. He is best known for many panoramas of cities in Spain, drawn while he was employed by Philip II. After his death, his works were dispersed into different collections and their importance neglected. Their historical and artistic value was not recognised until C19th



The Visscher Panorama 1616

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This print was produced by Claes Visscher (1586-1652) and first published in Amsterdam in about 1616. It comprises four plates, measures overall 6ft 6ins, and gives us one of the best views of London before the Great Fire of 1666 viewed from the Surrey bank. The print includes detail of buildings from Westminster Palace to the neighbourhood of St Katherine's, then a busy settlement immediately downstream of The Tower.


The Hollar Panorama 1647

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Vaclav, or Wenseslas, Hollar (1607 - 1677) came from Bohemia. In 1636 he attracted the notice of the famous nobleman and art collector Thomas Howard, 21st Earl of Arundel, then on an embassy to the imperial court. Employed as a draftsman he travelled with Arundel to Vienna and Prague. In 1637 he returned with him to England where he remained in the Earl's household for many years


The Grand Panorama 1849

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This is panorama of London was published by the Pictorial Times in 1849. Much of the original work was by Henry Vizetelly (1820-1894) with an extension to Greenwich by the artist W H Prior.


others to follow...